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Dan Bailey
973.219.5035 New Jersey Construction Management
Jeffrey Bennett
Project Manager
973.753.1048 New Jersey Project Management
Lisa Betz
Property Manager
732.243.8526 New Jersey Property Management
Christopher Bezzone
Business Development Director, Client Services Coordinator
973.898.6373 New Jersey Project Management
Tony Bienert
973.898.6360 New Jersey Construction Management
Jason Bloom
Research Manager
973.753.1081 New Jersey Research
Andrew Broad
732.243.8547 New Jersey Capital Markets Group, Hospitality
Harley Brooks
Project Accountant
973.753.1060 New Jersey Project Management
James J. Byron, III
Vice President
973.753.1086 New Jersey Sales & Leasing
Timothy J. Cadigan
Senior Vice President
973.753.1104 New Jersey Sales & Leasing
James Cali
Principal,Data Center Advisory Practice
973.753.1096 New Jersey Data Centres
Carla Camerlin
Project Manager
973.898.6378 New Jersey Project Management
Severine Capo
Project Manager
973.898.6371 New Jersey Project Management
Roberto Carrasco
732.718.8094 New Jersey Property Management
Elisabete Correia
Operations Coordinator
732.243.8541 New Jersey Operations & Administrative
Remo Croce
973.216.4748 New Jersey Project Management
Frank Damiano
973.445.0587 New Jersey Project Management
Samantha Dwelle
Administrative Coordinator
908.326.2267 New Jersey Operations & Administrative
Patrick R. Eichner
Senior Vice President
973.898.6364 New Jersey Sales & Leasing
Edward M. English Jr.
Senior Vice President
732.243.8546 New Jersey Enterprise Solutions, Life Sciences, Tenant Representation
Paul Errigo
973.753.1080 New Jersey Sales & Leasing
Brian M. Fennelly, CPA
Senior Associate
973.753.1087 New Jersey Sales & Leasing
Rachel Fioribello
Vice President of Finance
973.898.6372 New Jersey Project Management
Daniel R. Frank
Principal, Director of Asset Services ,New Jersey - Tri-State Suburban Markets
973.753.1062 New Jersey Investment Management, Property Management
Ronald J. Ganter
732.243.8548 New Jersey Enterprise Solutions, Life Sciences, Tenant Representation
Steven Geltzeiler
Senior Vice President
973.898.4013 New Jersey Enterprise Solutions, Tenant Representation
Thomas V. Giannone
732.243.8545 New Jersey Enterprise Solutions, Life Sciences, Tenant Representation
John C. ("J.C.") Giordano, III
973.753.1082 New Jersey Sales & Leasing
Marie Glaser
Corporate Accountant
973.753.1068 New Jersey Property Management
George Gnad
973.753.1092 New Jersey Capital Markets Group