LOCAL NEWS: Walkable urban areas in Atlanta gaining market share over suburbs

$Release_Title.getData() 24 Jun 2019

Forget all the perceptions of metro Atlanta being a poster child for sprawl.

A new report looking at the urbanizing trends in the country’s 30 largest metro areas shocked one of the co-authors – Chris Leinberger, a real estate expert who is a professor at the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at the George Washington University School of Business.

“Atlanta shocked me,” Leinberger said in a telephone interview previewing Monday’s release of the 2019 Foot Traffic Ahead report, which ranked walkable urban areas in the country’s largest metro areas. “Who would have thought that Atlanta would be in the same category as Seattle?”

The report found that Atlanta ranked No. 9 among the largest metro areas on the percent of walkable urban real estate for income properties – office, retail and multi-family.

Leinberger used to work in Atlanta in the 1980s when its suburbs were booming and the central city was languishing. In the 1990s, he described the Atlanta region as “the fastest-growing human settlement in the history of the world” in terms of its sprawling development practices.


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