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Q3 2021 Washington, DC office market report

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Even as many residents return to their normal routines, particularly within social contexts, office occupancy remains low signaling employees have become comfortable working remotely. As landlords offer record concessions, and base rents remain stagnant, DC is experiencing record high vacancy that could fundamentally impact the future of office leasing in the city.


Economic conditions

Office-using job totals have declined 1.6 percent compared with 5.4 percent for other industries’ job losses. Return-to-office activity remains depressed, suggesting office-using sectors have been well-equipped to work remotely.


Recovery rate

The overall post-COVID rate of recovery based on extrapolated mobility data is 64.8 percent suggesting that many consumers are ready to return to their pre-Covid routines, yet offices are seeing only 36.0 percent of pre-Covid mobility.


Office demand

Leasing activity has paused, decreasing by 44.6 percent compared with long-term historical averages.


Office supply

Direct and sublease vacancy has achieved all-time highs, totaling 14.0 percent. Avison Young projects continued increases in that rate for the foreseeable future.


Pricing trends

Landlords have increased concessions by 12.49 percent year-over-year since 2020, becoming increasingly aggressive to attract long-term tenants. Concessions in DC remain highest on record, without increasing base rents.


Capital markets

The market continues to price in higher risks with just $3.7B of DC offices having been sold since 2020, an annualized decrease of 37 percent compared with the past five-year average.

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