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Connecting intelligence across complex market conditions, capital options and your needs, is at the heart of the expert insight we provide into every aspect of the real estate capitalization process. Our debt and equity finance group specializes in arranging permanent secured, constructions/development, CMHC insured, mezzanine and structured finance options to deliver the optimal structure with the ideal capital provider, enhancing the value of a complex transaction.

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Our professionals originate, underwrite and structure institutional and non-institutional mortgage investments on behalf of Canadian and U.S. life insurance companies, pension funds, chartered banks, CMBS issuers, trust companies and private lenders.

Our strong relationships with conventional financing institutions and non-bank lenders give our clients access to a wide variety of financing options with favorable terms. We originate fixed and floating rate mortgages for all types of properties and all types of property owners:

  • Term loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Credit tenant lease structured financings
  • Construction loans
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Mortgage bonds
  • Equity facilitation
  • Leasehold financing
  • CMHC-insured financing
  • Credit facilities

Positioning for an upturn

The sharp rise for interest rates in the last two years has caused price corrections across real estate markets around the world, with all the main sectors impacted to some degree. This has partly sparked a crisis of confidence.

2024 looks set to be a turning point year in our opinion, and here we look at the major factors to watch as investors react to changing conditions.

Published Tuesday, January 30

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Wesley C "Wes" Boatwright

    • Principal
    • Capital Markets Group
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