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The Vitality Index: Measuring the pace of our return to downtowns

As we get in to the heart of September, companies face a long-anticipated question: is a return to the office on track? Our team takes a look at real-time movement of people in major cities across North America, and how the volume of foot traffic compares to pre-pandemic levels.

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How are companies returning to the office?

Some of the world’s most influential companies are taking very different approaches to their plans for the workplace and we’ve got a breakdown. We’ve analyzed dozens of public return to office statements by major corporations, plotted against company size and office-centricity. Curious how your organization stacks up?

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U.S. employment overview: tracking trends in real-time

The relentless headwinds from COVID-19 variants put a damper on the previously encouraging jobs report for the U.S.

Coming off very encouraging July jobs data, the numbers for August disappointed. But a closer look shows signs of hope, especially in specific sectors and regions.

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