BOBST North America Inc.

  • Location: Parsippany, New Jersey
  • Client: BOBST North America Inc.
  • Size: 33,000 sf
  • Type of Project: Interior Fitout, Wayfinding and Branding
  • Service Type: Tenant Representation

From day one, our integrated methodology of strategy, design, and construction for Bobst North America Inc., the North American division of BOBST, ultimately proved to be a creative partnership yielding just the right office space for the team’s new North American headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Working hand in hand with our partners, our team had been engaged to aid in Bobst North America Inc.’s sourcing of new HQ location as well as the relocation effort of the project.

Upon the commencement of the design process, we worked with Bobst North America Inc.’s marketing team to sift through the company’s 125+ years of visual messaging to create a space which acknowledges their rich history while focusing on their mission of “shaping the future of the packaging world.” Our design process aided and helped to expedite an international approval process with the entity abroad. Through a strategic interviewing process with the leadership team, we learned of the client’s ultimate desire for the space to speak to the global BOBST brand with a rooted attention and position in the North American operations.

Throughout the design and construction phases, we utilized elements of the BOBST brand to inform the space build and architectural features which team members and visitors alike can experience in the millwork, graphics, reflected seating plans, and most notably the ribbon feature and lenticular wall. The ribbon feature, inspired by BOBST machinery, greets visitors in the main lobby and extends through the facility to the employee entrance, serving as a way finding tool throughout the office. The lenticular wall itself is an inspired abstraction of BOBST’s Swiss headquarters. The nearly 70-foot wall feature speaks to BOBST’s process, machines, and products all in one central design feature. The lenticular wall was central to the project as a highlight of the design and construction program as well as the environmental graphics package delivered.

With a desire to increase amenity and collaboration spaces and continue to celebrate BOBST’s visual identity language throughout the space, the international partnership fostered creative ideas and solutions at each milestone accomplished together. One such solution was a request to install new insulated glazing along the exterior of the space. This effort was intended to not only meet sustainability and thermal performance standards, but also to provide a more comfortable working environment. Our design team developed a central, town hall like space achieved through a grand and flexible café which serves multiple purposes. With collaboration at the forefront, we also worked with the client team to create a centralized research library for the customer service departments. The team’s standard workspaces were also downsized to encourage a more open floor plan and celebrate a featured architectural execution that is the manipulation of the ceiling plans to designate different neighborhoods.

It is not without note that this project was Studio Eagle’s first to be completed during the COVID-19 pandemic. BOBST’s equipment worldwide supports the essential food industry with their packaging lines. We worked closely with BOBST and our partners to develop a plan that kept all parties safe during these unprecedented times.