Downtown Chicago traffic trends continue to grow from their pre-pandemic averages

Chart shows traffic volume in downtown Chicago from Q4 2019 to Q4 2023
  • Whether it be by car, bus, bike or foot, overall traffic crossing Chicago’s bridges in Q4 2023 totaled over 114 million traffic counts, according to data from This represents 78% of traffic counts recorded in Q4 2019; the earliest data available.
  • Major pass-through bridges such as Lake Shore Drive, Columbus, and Grand experienced the highest volume of traffic and most significant relative recovery (all above 90% of Q4 2019 totals).
  • The emergence of new construction projects like the Salesforce Tower and Wolf Point East apartments have contributed to increased traffic flow at the corner of the river (Franklin, Lake bridges).
  • State and Wabash bridges have experienced a significant decline, each with a relative recovery of under 70%, coinciding with a notable downturns in retail and office activity in this area.

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