Examining Changes in MSP’s Office-Using Commuter Preferences

  • Utilizing Placer.ai data, Avison Young analyzed select areas of the MSP Office Market (Minneapolis CBD, St. Paul CBD, & West End) to understand commuter patterns within the market.
  • Based on our analysis, a higher proportion of employees residing within 3 miles of the analyzed areas work on-site today. Workers who live closer to their workplace are generally more likely to work on-site than those facing lengthy commutes.
  • In addition, an increased proportion of 'super commuters' are traveling 50+ miles to work, many having lived closer to the workplace pre-pandemic but have since relocated with increased remote/hybrid work flexibility. Changes in RTO policies and hybrid work models now may require these workers to be on-site from 1 day per quarter to 2-3 days per week, depending on company policy.
  • In the West End, the proportion of employees living within 10 miles has increased, while those in the fringe suburbs or eastern side of the metro have decreased dramatically. This potentially indicates a split among employees at these companies: some value shortened commutes and moved closer to the workplace during the pandemic, while others prioritize residing outside of the market.

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