Federal spending helps drive the DFW region’s prosperity

Line graph of Texas federal spending awards in the billions, awards percent of Texas GDP and Dallas-Fort Worth’s share of federal awards
  • In 2023, TX ranked 2nd in the US, just behind CA, of the top states receiving government awards.  
  • Several public agencies received large awards. Between 2019 and 2023, the top 5 annual recipients received $269B and included Health & Human Services, the Governor’s Office, Education, and Transportation.  
  • Several private companies also won awards. The top annual recipients included Lockheed, Bell Boeing Joint Project and Textron, L3Harris and McKesson. Awards to these private companies totaled almost $180B in contracts between 2019 and 2023, close to 60% of the total contracts awarded in the state of Texas. Many of these companies have a strong DFW presence.  
  • Over this period, federal awards averaged 13% of state GDP. DFW’s 25% capture of that spending illustrates its significance to the region’s economy, helping drive direct and “ripple-effect” expansion in a variety of defense and tech-related areas that benefit the region and position it for continued growth and prosperity.

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