Houston CRE market faces $49.9 billion in loan maturities over the next five years

Maturing CRE Loans in Houston by property type from 2024 to 2028

Houston's commercial real estate market faces a substantial volume of loan maturities in the coming years. Over $10.6 billion in loans are slated to mature in 2024 alone, with a cumulative total exceeding $49.9 billion maturing over the next five years. Apartment loans lead the pack, representing more than half (62.8%) of all maturing loans in 2024. However, this shouldn't overshadow the strong underlying fundamentals of Houston's multifamily market.

Continued population growth, a relatively affordable cost of living, and high renter demand position the market for long-term stability, suggesting these loans may be manageable for many owners. While Houston's office properties also have a significant portion of maturing loans in 2024, accounting for 15.5%, it's important to emphasize the viability of individual buildings within the sector. Strong performers are likely to find refinancing opportunities despite the overall distress in the office market.

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