Houston’s top submarkets for industrial growth

Industrial development growth in Houston by submarket post-COVID

The Houston industrial market has experienced significant growth since Q4 2019, with a total of over 127 million square feet (msf) of new space added, representing a substantial 23.4% increase. The Southwest submarket led the expansion with a remarkable 40.7% growth, adding nearly 30 msf of new space since year-end 2019, fueled primarily by the e-commerce boom. Following closely behind is the Southeast submarket, which witnessed a robust 28% growth with close to 29 msf of new space delivered. This growth is largely driven by its proximity to the Port of Houston and the area’s established e-commerce hubs.

While not boasting the highest percentage increase, the Northwest submarket added the most new space in terms of square footage, with a substantial 30.6 msf of new inventory. Notably, the Northwest and North submarkets combined account for nearly half of Houston's total industrial inventory, solidifying their position as key logistics hubs.

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