Labor demand for AI skills continues to grow across the U.S.

graph of AI job postings in the U.S. by skill cluster from 2010 to 2024
  • While it may be too early to tell whether growth in the AI industry will impact the office market nationally, in the short term, San Francisco and New York have seen significant growth in the sector. As AI expands nationally, its impact on office markets will become more evident, influenced by factors such as company adoption rates and job growth in AI-related fields.
  • At the start of 2024, the skill with the highest demand was artificial intelligence (0.56%), followed by machine learning (0.5%). As demand for AI skills has multiplied over the past decade, businesses are expected to improve efficiency by using these technologies.
  • Growth in demand for Python has been noticeably more rapid than for other programming languages like Java and C++, which indicates that it is by far more popular for emerging AI developments.
  • In 2023, New York (45,196), San Francisco (52,157), Seattle (17,676), DC (14,710), and Austin (12,658) were among the top 10 cities for AI job postings. Between 2010 and 2023, Austin experienced the most dramatic growth in AI jobs relative to the other markets, with a mere 401 postings in 2010, compared to 12,658 in 2023.

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