Q2 2024 industrial investment sales volume in Greater Boston already exceeds Q1 totals, on pace to set a 2-year quarterly record

  • In Q1 2024, industrial investment sales in Greater Boston amounted to $230 million. As Q2 2024 progresses, the total sales value has already reached $359 million. With Q2 nearing its end, this represents a significant increase of over 50% compared to the sales volume of the previous quarter.
  • An analysis of industrial property subtypes in Greater Boston reveals that manufacturing facilities account for 27.4% of total industrial sales volume in Q2 2024*. This represents a 14.7% increase in their share of sales volume in comparison to Q1 2024.
  • Looking ahead, flex and manufacturing spaces are expected to maintain their increased share of investment sales volume. This trend is driven by the rising demand for clean tech and R&D facilities, which are becoming increasingly prominent in the Greater Boston area.

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