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Jeanne MacLellan
617.275.4424 Boston Project Management
Kevin Malloy
617.250.7603 Boston Data Centres, Investment, Life Sciences, Office Leasing
Matthew Marczak
Project Manager
617.702.8871 Boston Project Management
John McHugh
Senior Vice President
617.702.8869 Boston
Phil Mobley
US Occupier Research
617.250.7596 Boston Research
Stephanie Myrie
Project Administrator
617.443.0978 Boston Project Management
Brandon Needleman
Director, Project Management
617.456.1365 Boston Project Management
Ian O'Connor
617.963.0483 Boston
Derek Opert
Senior Financial Analyst
617.758.8263 Boston Capital Markets Group
Jennifer Perrault
Senior Project Manager
617.702.8883 Boston Project Management
Jon Pezzoni
Vice President
617.758.8742 Boston Industrial, Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Amanda Randall-Capobianco
Associate Director
617.702.8885 Boston Project Management
Chris Reilly
617.456.1362 Boston
Mark Richardson
General Manager
617.790.4302 Boston Property Management
Patrick Schmidt
Principal, Project Management
617.758.8271 Boston Project Management
Mark Silva
Project Manager
617.456.1364 Boston Project Management
Myles Smith
Data Analyst
Sydney Stella
Marketing Associate
617.250.7601 Boston Marketing, Operations & Administrative
Conor W. Stuhrcke
Project Manager
617.250.7598 Boston Project Management
Molly Sullivan
Senior Property Manager
617.758.8267 Boston Property Management
Mark Sullivan
Vice President of Construction, Construction Management
617.456.1368 Boston Construction Management
William Sullivan
Senior Vice President
617.758.8276 Boston Office Leasing, Industrial, Sales & Leasing
Elaine Wall
U.S. Data Team Lead
Kirk Weller
Vice President
617.456.1363 Boston Tenant Representation
Stanley B. Wyrwicz
Senior Vice President
617.702.8878 Boston