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Tori Abbate
Property Administrator
415.392.4114 ext. 100 San Francisco Property Management
Chris Abbott
Senior Vice President
+1 415.322.5054 San Francisco Consulting & Advisory
Signe Anderssel
Property Manager
+1 415.301.3172 San Francisco Property Management
Cameron Baird
Senior Vice President
+1 415.301.3175 San Francisco Sales & Leasing, Retail Leasing
Laef Barnes
Vice President
+1 415.349.3391 San Francisco Capital Markets Group
Kareem A. Barzegar, CCIM
Senior Vice President
+1 415.322.5064 San Francisco Tenant Representation
Lisa J. Blandford, RPA
General Manager,
+1 415.392.4114, ext. 102 San Francisco Property Management
Cullen Bowen
+1 415.301.3170 San Francisco Tenant Representation
Melissa Brilliant
Assistant Property Manager
415.392.4114 ext. 140 San Francisco Property Management
John Cashin
+1 415.322.5052 San Francisco Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Laurence "Cole" Cole
Director of Security
+1 415.392.8844, ext. 133 San Francisco Property Management
Brian Cope
Senior Associate
+1 415.349.3390 San Francisco Office Leasing, Occupier Solutions
Maryn Craig
Property Manager
+1 415.392.4114, ext. 105 San Francisco Property Management
Alyssa Dolata-Goodrich
Assistant Project Manager
+1 415.349.3403 San Francisco Project Management
Deanna Drake-Copelan
West Coast Director
+1 415.322.5060 San Francisco Property Management
Shannon Dupler
Manager, Financial Reporting
+1 415.349.3399 San Francisco Operations & Administrative, Project Management
Phil Fletcher
Senior Associate
+1 415.301.3180 San Francisco Landlord Representation, Office Leasing
Clare Friel
Senior Project Manager
+1 415.349.3406 San Francisco Project Management
Riccardo Gale
Vice President
+1 415.322.5063 San Francisco Office Leasing, Tenant Representation, Valuation Advisory Services
Johana Garcia
Administrative Coordinator
+1 415.349.3408 San Francisco Operations & Administrative
Kelly Glass
+1 415.322.5062 San Francisco Landlord Representation, Office Leasing, Tenant Representation, Office
David Gonzales
Principal, Managing Director
+1 415.322.5065 San Francisco Construction Management, Project Management
Colton Hanley
+1 415.301.3181 San Francisco Office Leasing, Tenant Representation
Lili Julian
Senior Property Accountant
+1 415.392.4114, ext. 104 San Francisco Property Management
Randy Keller
Managing Director, Silicon Valley/San Mateo Office,Principal
+1 650.425.6425 San Francisco Industrial
Erika Kim
Vice President, Marketing
+1 415.349.3400 San Francisco Consulting & Advisory, Landlord Representation, Marketing
Raquel (Rocky) Ledesma
Graphic Designer
+1 415.322.5057 San Francisco Marketing, Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
David J. Linsmayer
+1 415.322.5061 San Francisco Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing, Valuation Advisory Services
James R. (Jim) Lucas
Vice President
+1 415.322.5059 San Francisco Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
John Patrick Manning
+1 415.349.3393 San Francisco Capital Markets Group