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The Avison Young Strategic Seven

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These seven essential questions will help you understand what your workplace truly needs to ensure employees are bringing their whole selves to the table to fulfill your business goals. As you read the prompts, indicate your current state at each step to help inform priority moves and areas of exploration.

This guide is based on a mountain of projects with diverse clients, and will help us quickly connect around the unique challenges and opportunities you face. If you'd prefer a paper worksheet, click here to download a printable version of our quiz.

01. Does our workplace deliver an employee and client experience that makes us more competitive?

The way we work has permanently changed and workplaces are evolving to take on a new role in the “war for talent” and in building client relationships. A strategy that focuses on outcomes will both define that new role and restore vibrancy to the workplace.

Sparking innovation and productivity

02. Does our workplace enable us to transform traditional processes and accelerate modern workflow?

Digital and operational transformation can be catalyzed or challenged by workplace environments.

03. Are we capturing and leveraging meaningful workplace data?

Knowing what to measure, prioritize, and quantify can help with everything from space demand to vibrant workplace performance.

Future proofing and operational excellence

04. Are we nimble enough to evolve our workplace in new directions?

A workplace strategy can build in flexibility to expand, contract, and quickly adapt to future requirements.

05. Are we spending our money in the best way we can?

Aligning cost structures to industry benchmarks, future requirements and measurable ROI efficiency and outcomes aligned to the business.

Driving culture and business

06. How well does our workplace support and reflect our culture?

Designing the workplace experience for your mix of individual and group work, social connections, guest hospitality, training and development, and talent attraction ensures a strong connection between purpose and place.

07. Is our workplace experience consistent with critical elements within ESG, DEI&B, and wellness?

Workplace and brands are increasingly connected to social values and business challenges that matter to industries, communities, and diverse, engaged employees.

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Answer questions to generate your score and assessment.

Wherever you find yourself on the scale, let’s talk through these questions together to see what type of workplace strategies you can implement now for the future success of your business. We know what’s working right now and can partner with you to create a bespoke approach for your business.

And while answers to these questions are essential to consider for a successful workplace strategy, it doesn’t end there. When the research has been done and a plan is solidified, you need experts to implement and continue to execute strategically, by managing moves and changes, and securing your workplace effectiveness for employees.

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