AI job market trends highlight California’s dominance and potential growth for tech-centric states

map of number of AI job postings in the U.S. by state in 2023
  • Recent AI job postings have shown a significant concentration in California, particularly in the San Francisco market. Given the Bay Area's longstanding reputation as a hub for the tech sector, it's no surprise that it generated a substantial majority of the new AI jobs in 2023.
  • Despite challenges, such as lagging occupancy rates and declining property values, that have affected the office market nationally, these AI job posting figures are encouraging. They signal potential future demand for office space in the region as AI job growth is expected to continue in the coming years.
  • States such as Texas (Austin), New York (NYC), Massachusetts (Boston), and Illinois (Chicago) also have significant shares of AI job postings, which is largely due to the presence of many tech companies and strong talent pools in these markets. Interestingly, Virginia had slightly more AI job postings in 2023 than New York, likely influenced by the large data center footprint in Northern Virginia.

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