From court to care: Serving up fracture treatment for Phoenix pickleball players

gif of unmet demand for orthopedics in Phoenix compared to neighborhoods with greatest potential to meet consumer needs
  • Pickleball continues its incredible rise in America, increasing by 86% year-over-year and by an astonishing 159% over three years. With 8.9 million participants in 2022, there were more new players than the total number of players in 2021.
  • This increase in pickleball has unfortunately also made way for an increase in orthopedic fractures as well—one recent report showed a 90-fold increase since 2002 and a doubling of pickleball-related fractures since 2020.
  • Arizona is one of the fastest-growing pickleball locales, so when we leverage our game-changing AI model to find true unmet demand for orthopedics around Phoenix, we can pinpoint where exactly providers can perhaps best serve those in need of urgent care.

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