How do Atlanta’s mixed-use shopping destinations compare?

– When looking at visitor count over the last 12 months, Atlantic Station shows the most foot traffic compared to other popular mixed-use shopping destinations. Avalon follows closely behind with 3.8% less visitors recorded.

– While these are all considered very popular destinations around Atlanta, each center has unique offerings that contribute to the foot traffic month-over-month as well as the duration of the average visitor stay. Ponce City Market appears to have the most consistency when looking at both foot traffic and dwell time due to the food hall component of this center as well as access to other city amenities such as the Beltline.

– Westside Provisions District has arguably evolved the most out of the centers compared. Since established in 2008, this retail destination has had to adapt to compete with the newer mixed-use projects in the Atlanta. Over the past 12 months, the average time spent per visit has steadily increased, and they currently boast the highest dwell time out of the developments compared.

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