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Alexandra Boury
214.269.3112 Dallas Tenant Representation
John Bowles
Senior Vice President
214.269.3102 Dallas Capital Markets Group
Rob W. Bridges
Principal and Vice President of Property Management, Texas
713.993.7137 Dallas Property Management
Caleb Brooks
Senior Financial Analyst
214.261.1046 Dallas Financing Consulting
Susan Gwin Burks
Senior Vice President
214.269.3106 Dallas Capital Markets Group
Bruce Butler
Senior Vice President
214.269.3122 Dallas Capital Markets Group
Bobby Carlisle
214.984.3515 Dallas Property Management
John Conger
214.269.3107 Dallas Landlord Representation, Office Leasing
Nancy Connelly
Senior Associate
214.261.1022 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Lease Administration
Jeannette Del Bosque
Senior Associate
214.269.3096 Dallas Landlord Representation, Office Leasing
Michael England
Vice President
214.269.3104 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Sales & Leasing, Tenant Representation
Loic Ferdinandi
Graphic Designer
214.984.3517 Dallas Marketing
Christopher Gilbert
214-261-1038 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Sales & Leasing, Tenant Representation
Art Green
214.269.3131 Dallas Office Leasing, Tenant Representation
Paul Harmon
Senior Vice President
214.269.3105 Dallas Retail
Michael Kennedy
Senior Vice President
214.269.3142 Dallas Capital Markets Group, Consulting & Advisory, Sales & Leasing
Walker Lafitte
Vice President
214.269.3137 Dallas Tenant Representation
Greg Langston
Principal, Managing Director
214.269.3115 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Tenant Representation, Occupier Solutions
Curt Linn
214.269.3128 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Sales & Leasing, Tenant Representation
Rock Linton
Vice President
214.459.1932 Dallas Tenant Representation
Jim Louis
214.261.1014 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Project Management, Sustainability/Energy/Environmental
Taylor Lynch
214.765.0548 Dallas Land, Landlord Representation, Office Leasing
Donna Martin
Operations Coordinator
214.765.0547 Dallas Tenant Representation
Mike McCoy
Senior Vice President
214.261.1042 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Corporate, Tenant Representation
Mike McElwee
214.269.3124 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Occupier Solutions
Judge McStay
Senior Vice President
214.269.3110 Dallas Consulting & Advisory, Sales & Leasing, Tenant Representation
Charlie Morris
Practice Leader/Flexible Office Solutions
214.269.3069 Dallas Tenant Representation
Bridget Nash
Senior Graphic Designer
214.269.3114 Dallas Marketing
Russell Podraza
Senior Associate
214.269.3148 Dallas Landlord Representation, Office Leasing
Terry Quinn
214.269.3121 Dallas Health Care, Tenant Representation, Occupier Solutions