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William M. (Bill) Aucoin
Vice President
1.919.913.1101 Raleigh-Durham Land, Retail, Sales & Leasing
Margo (Meg) Berke
Manager, North American Revenue Operations
1.919.866.4268 Raleigh-Durham Corporate
Alyssa Birchard
Marketing Coordinator
+1 919 420 1584 Raleigh-Durham Marketing, Retail, Office
Justin Booth
Senior Vice President
1.919.866.4262 Raleigh-Durham Industrial, Sales & Leasing
Emily Bostic
Research Manager
1.919.866.4274 Raleigh-Durham Research
Diane Carter
Client Services Coordinator
1.919.913.1104 Raleigh-Durham Operations & Administrative
Daniel Cheng
Vice President
1.919.420.1558 Raleigh-Durham Capital Markets Group
Janet Clayton
1.919.420.1581 Raleigh-Durham Health Care, Sales & Leasing
Carlo DiGiorgio
Senior Vice President
1.919.420.1569 Raleigh-Durham Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Stacy Farmer
Vice President and Regional Director of Marketing Operations
1.919.420.1588 Raleigh-Durham Marketing
Thomas Franz
Building Engineer
1.919.785.3434 Raleigh-Durham Property Management
Elizabeth Gates
Principal, Senior Vice President
1.919.420.1563 Raleigh-Durham Marketing
Roxanne George
Marketing Coordinator
1.919.719.8190 Raleigh-Durham Marketing
Kathy Gigac, SIOR
Principal, Occupier Solutions
1.919.913.1117 Raleigh-Durham Tenant Representation, Occupier Solutions
Kyle Gonzalez
Senior Associate
1.919.866.4273 Raleigh-Durham Multi-Family
Virginia M. Gordon, CSM, CMD
Principal, Vice President
1.919.420.1577 Raleigh-Durham Property Management
John P. (Jack) Graham
1.919.913.1100 Raleigh-Durham Operations & Administrative, Sales & Leasing
Thomas Grindall
Building Engineer
1.919.968.4017 Raleigh-Durham Property Management
Ginny Hager
Brokerage Associate, Occupier Solutions
1.919.913.1115 Raleigh-Durham Tenant Representation, Occupier Solutions
Gary Hill, CCIM
Senior Associate
1.919.913.1116 Raleigh-Durham Office Leasing, Retail, Sales & Leasing
Tommy Honey
Vice President
1.919.420.1585 Raleigh-Durham Retail
Nini Howerton
Senior Property Accountant
1.919.821.8023 x214 Raleigh-Durham Operations & Administrative
Banks Hunter
1.919.420.1555 Raleigh-Durham Retail
Gina Ide, CPM
Principal, Senior Vice President
1.919.420.1578 Raleigh-Durham Property Management
Marcus Jackson
Principal, Capital Markets
1.919.866.4275 Raleigh-Durham Capital Markets Group
Katie Johnson
Staff Accountant
1.919.866.4261 Raleigh-Durham
Joanna Johnson
Client Services Manager
1.919.420.1561 Raleigh-Durham Operations & Administrative
Margaret Johnson, CPA
Vice President Accounting
1.919.420.1560 Raleigh-Durham Property Management
Jake Jones
1.919.420.1564 Raleigh-Durham Tenant Representation
Thomas Kenna
Principal, Occupier Solutions
1.919.913.1119 Raleigh-Durham Tenant Representation, Occupier Solutions