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Alan A. Bolduc, CCIM, SIOR
Senior Vice President, Industrial & Investment Services
+1.843.973.8358 Charleston, Savannah Consulting & Advisory, Industrial, Investment, Logistics
Michael Bone
Vice President, Industrial, Office & Investment Services
+1.912.655.1507 Savannah Industrial, Investment, Land, Office
Joseph A. Fabie, J.D., CPM
Director of Real Estate Management Services
+1.843.203.2800 Charleston, Greenville, Savannah Construction Management, Consulting & Advisory, Facility Management, Landlord Representation
Christopher B. Fraser
Principal, Managing Director
+1.843.973.8356 Charleston, Greenville, Savannah Consulting & Advisory, Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing, Associations and Nonprofits
Patti Hoffman
+1.843.203.2793 Charleston, Savannah Operations & Administrative
Charlene Aydelotte Massey
Operations Manager
+1.843.203.2791 Charleston, Greenville, Savannah Operations & Administrative, Research
Taylor Sekanovich
Marketing Coordinator
+1.843.203.2790 Charleston, Savannah Operations & Administrative
Tate Walkush
Marketing Manager
+1.843.266.0716 Charleston, Greenville, Savannah Capital Markets Group, Operations & Administrative