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Chris Bryan
Hospitality Broker
+1.817.996.9966 Atlanta, Austin Hospitality, Consulting & Advisory, Land
Jeremy R. Cabe
IT/Marketing Coordinator
+1.770.746.0930 Atlanta Hospitality, Marketing
Rex D. Cagle
Senior Hospitality Broker
+1.770.746.0936 Atlanta Hospitality, Sales & Leasing
Collin Foran
Senior Hospitality Broker
+1 770.746.0945 Orlando Hospitality
Robert S. Foster
Financial Analyst, Associate Broker
+1.770.746.0937 Atlanta Hospitality, Investment Sales
Mike George
Senior Hospitality Broker
+1 312 940 2225 Chicago Consulting & Advisory, Hospitality, Valuation Advisory Services
Rick George
Senior Hospitality Broker
+1 312 434 2430 Chicago Hospitality, Valuation Advisory Services, Investment Sales
Stuart Hope
+1 303 390 0965 Atlanta, Denver, Denver Hospitality, Investment Sales
Joe Jones
Associate Broker
+1.770.692.1605 Atlanta Valuation Advisory Services, Hospitality
Victor Kalyanji
Hospitality Group
+1.770.692.1605 Atlanta Capital Markets Group, Hospitality
Mike (Michael) Kennedy
214.269.3142 Dallas, Austin Capital Markets Group, Hospitality, Land, Debt & Equity Finance
Chris Kilcullen
Senior Hotel Broker
+1 720 508 8108 Atlanta, Denver Hospitality, Investment Sales
Chris J. Martin
Hospitality Broker
+1 813.280.8376 Tampa Hospitality
Thierry Roch
Senior Hospitality Broker
+1 202.644.8690 Washington, DC Development, Hospitality, Capital Markets Group
Brad Sinclair
Principal, Managing Director
+1.770.692.1605 Atlanta Hospitality, Capital Markets Group
Chris Stark
+1 503.621.8530 San Francisco Capital Markets Group, Development, Hospitality
Elaine Thompson
Director of Administration
+1.770.746.0927 Atlanta Hospitality, Operations & Administrative
Keith Thompson
Principal - Hospitality Group
+1.770.692.1605 Atlanta Capital Markets Group, Hospitality
Matthew R. Wilkins
Financial Analyst, Broker
+1.770.692.1605 Atlanta Hospitality
Alana Williford
Research Analyst
+1.770.746.0928 Atlanta Hospitality