One of the best tax climates and a strong economic engine make Dallas-Fort Worth a top place to do business

Bar graph of Top-15 best tax climate states with their percent share of U.S. GDP 2022 showing Dallas Fort Worth at 2.7% and Texas at 9.3%
  • Each year the Tax Foundation ranks the top states with the most advantageous tax climates, for both residents and businesses.
  • In 2023, Texas was 13th. While it missed a top-10 finish, most of the top-ranked states have small economic engines and limited growth potential.
  • The Texas economy is more than 3 times larger than these states. Of the top-15, only FL comes in a distant second. Recent TX GDP growth has also exceeded every one of these states, underscoring its robust economy.
  • DFW alone accounts for almost 30% of the TX economy. This makes DFW’s economic engine substantially larger and more diverse than most of the top states. Only FL, NC, and MI are larger than DFW in GDP.

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