Changes in job postings in the DC Metro region

Bar graph comparing changes in job postings within certain industries in the DC metro

In the DC Metropolitan region, job postings have declined overall since 2021 due to various factors, including financial uncertainties linked to federal rate cuts. Both the Tech and Media/Telecom sectors have notably reduced their job offerings after a surge in 2021. Tech companies have downsized their workforce and office spaces, while Media/Telecom firms have expanded their office presence by nearly 100% through renewals and expansions, such as the Washington Post's renewal at 1301 K St.

Conversely, sectors like Engineering/Construction and Law firms have observed steady increases in job postings and leasing activity since 2021. Recent significant renewals by firms like Finnegan at 901 New York Ave and KBR at 15020 Conference Center Dr indicate a commitment to growth within the DC Metro area.

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